new working visas

In April 2019, a new status of residence “specific skill visa” was launched. The status of residence is the qualification for foreigners to live in Japan. With regard to “specific skill visas,” full-time employment is also possible for specific occupations.

Outline of the specific skill visa

It is a visa limited to the following 14 industries.
There is no education requirement for obtaining a visa. No practical experience is required.

Target industry

At the moment, the following 14 types of jobs are targeted. There is a possibility of increase or decrease.

  • construction
  • shipbuilding
  • Car maintenance
  • Aviation
  • Accommodation (hotel, inn etc)
  • Nursing care
  • Building cleaning
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery
  • Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  • Restaurant business
  • Material processing industry
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  • Electronic and electrical equipment related business

The big difference with the technical training visa

Direct employment is possible even if small businesses meet the requirements.

Under the same occupation type, job change is free.
It is possible to work for a total of 5 years instead of 5 consecutive years (for example, it is possible to work in Japan only during the busy season.)

Target person of specific skill visa

Foreigners who were technical interns in the past
Intended for foreigners who have been to Japan as technical interns in the past and have successfully spent three years of technical internship. It is desirable to have passed the Skills Examination Level 3, but if not, it will be eligible if there is a certificate equivalent to the employment certificate from the former work place. However, the past status of residence will also be examined, so if the status of work is bad or there is a problem, it will not apply.

2 Foreigners who have no experience with technical interns (new arrival to Japan, changes from other visas, etc.)
Pass the specific skill evaluation test. Currently, this examination is being developed by the competent ministries and industry groups. For example, with regard to the accommodation business, the Japan Ryokan Association and others have established the “Accommodation Business Proficiency Test Center” and are preparing examination questions and preparing for trial operation.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 Japanese language skills .

In order to obtain a specific skills visa to work in Japanese restaurants, you need to pass a skill exam.

The exam information is at the following site.

And you can download the exam text, the exam questions and the video commentary from below.




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