Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Resident Visas


What requirements do you have to fullfill to obtain a permanent
resident visa?

There are five main conditions:

1. You have lived in Japan for more than ten consecutive years.

2. You have worked continuously in Japan for more than five years on a working visa.

3. You have had a stable income for the last five years.

4. You have been paying into a pension scheme and have been covered by a health insurance plan
for the last five years.

5. You have a guarantor. If you are married to a Japanese national, conditions (1), (2) and (3) are relaxed. In
addition, with the highly skilled professional visa, it is possible to obtain a permanent resident visa in as little as two years after starting to live in Japan.

How long does it take from the time I apply for a permanent resident visa to hearing the result of my application?

Usually, it takes about a year. If you are married to a Japanese person or have a high-level professional visa, your application may be approved in about six months.

Which is more difficult, obtaining a permanent resident visa or applying for naturalization?

This depends on applicant’s circumstances. An application for naturalization involves a spoken and written test in Japanese.

On the other hand, Japanese language prociency is not a factor in the examination for a permanent resident visa. Therefore, if you are not good at Japanese, it would be easier to get a permanent resident visa. It is possible to apply for both at the same time.


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